Friday, May 15, 2009

Etnographic working paper with results of Indie Fever online

It has been awile since I posted to this blog, too little time to write down interesting stuff for the outside world while I was working hard to write down stuff for the inside world (academia).
It is also going to be one of the last posts on this blog since I will rejuventate my web presence this summer with a more general blog and website concerning my ongoing research projects in economic and cultural geography, innovation studies and a few other things that are in the pipeline.

Nevertheless, I have been busy lately to write a few working papers that highlight some of the research findings in Indie Fever tailored to different ongoing social scientific debates. The paper that this post links to is the first result of that endeavor that I think is ready to share with the outside world. It is an attempt to frame the culture of the Indie community into the ethnographic tradition in social science. It is a working paper -not yet  submitted to any academic journal- so feel free to get in touch and provide any comments. I am currently working on two more: one is a social network analysis of Indie Twitter contacts, the other is a framing of the research findings into  ongoing discussions on the 'cultural economy'  and the 'creative class'. So if you like this one, keep in touch for more.